WeTrade Group's YCloud System will Empower the Revenue Growth of Convenience Stores

BEIJING, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- WeTrade Group Inc. ("WeTrade" or the "Company") (US: WETG), an emerging growth company engaged in the business of providing cloud intelligent systems for micro-businesses, announced a cooperation with the Company of Zhongyantongda. WeTrade Group targets to implement the YCloud intelligence system in 5.6 million Zhongyan convenience stores within one year. The two companies aim to improve the private online traffic operation, complete the digitalized transformation and achieve revenue growth by the support of a supply chain system, AI fission community marketing management, short-video livestreaming application and financial services.

At present, 5.6 million convenience stores of Zhongyan Corporation have covered most regions of the country and have achieved social retail and smart community service for 350 million smokers and their families. With the development of the Internet and digital economy, convenience stores have become active. However, due to the limitation of traditional operating models and hysteretic supply systems, they are facing issues of continuous expansion and revenue growth. Furthermore, the pandemic has brought a huge impact on the brick-and-mortar store economic model, giving rise to an innovative transformation demand for convenience stores.

Mr. Lijun Zhang, Zhongyan Xinshangmeng, and Mr. Zheng Dai, Chairman of WeTrade Group

For the cooperation, Mr. Zheng Dai, Chairman and CTO of WeTrade Group, commented that the company is very glad to reach the cooperation and to implement the YCloud into all 5.6 million convenience stores. In the future, WeTrade Group will provide a series of training services for their employees to familiarize the operation of the system. There are countless offline small retailers in China, they are the most direct service providers for communities. Only by solving their problems, the vitality of market economy can be protected and stimulated. WeTrade Group will continue to focus on the offline retailers and help more micro-businesses to attain the digital transformation and private traffic profit through the R&D and application of YCloud.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group INC is the world's first technical service provider of Cloud Intelligent System for micro-businesses. It is the first internationalized system in the global micro-business cloud intelligence field and also the leader, innovator and promoter of the world's cloud intelligent system for micro-businesses. WeTrade Group independently developed the cloud intelligent system for micro-businesses (Abbreviation: YCloud). YCloud can strengthen users' marketing relationship and CPS commission profit management through leading technology and big data analysis. It also can help increase the payment scenarios, revenue and group leader management to increase customers' revenue by multi-channel data statistics, AI fission and management as well as improved supply chain system. Up to now, YCloud's business has successfully landed in mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries, covering the micro business industry, tourism industry, hospitality industry, livestreaming and short video industry, aesthetic medical industry and traditional retail industry. For more information, please visit our website: https://ir.wetg.group.

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