WeTrade Group Establishes Micro Business Development System

BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WeTrade Group Inc. (US:WETG), a company providing technical services and solutions to membership-based social e-commerce, recently announced the systemic upgrade of technological services, to improve its matching with the Chinese market.

The newly upgraded technology service system strengthens the customer relationship management through strong tech and big data. The system not only improves client relationship and partnership cooperation, but also realizes crossing and additional sell service to help customers increase the company revenue. The precise marketing service and improved micro business technology service have been called "the Cloud Intelligent Brain of Micro Business" by the entire industry in China.

In the era of mobile Internet, micro business has witnessed an explosive growth, even hitting the traditional companies and seizing more market share. WeTrade Group utilizes smart tech services for micro business and social e-commerce to maintain user data and management, interact with clients and attract for more customers.

WeTrade Group was founded in July 2019. The company provides technical services and solutions as a listed SaaS business to support micro-business online stores and social e-commerce platforms. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships and multi-channel APP data statistics, the company developed a social e-commerce revenue management system in 2019. The main functions of the system are user marketing relationship implementation, CPS commission profit management, multi-channel APP data statistics, etc.

Benefiting from the e-commerce prosperity, in 2019 WeTrade Group has developed rapidly with its core revenue management system "WePay" in the Chinese market, by leveraging its advantages of configurability and expansibility of micro business revenue management system and technical service system. By the first quarter of 2020, WeTrade Group has implemented its technology into e-commerce, tourism, hospitality and short video live stream industries.

As a technical company, WeTrade Group has made profits mainly by providing technology and product service for social e-commerce and micro business. WeTrade Group leverages its technology and premium services to cooperate with other platforms in China, including Yuetao APP, Daren APP, JD zhiding APP, Yuedian APP, Lvyue APP, Yuebei APP, etc. Moreover, WeTrade Group explores supply chain, product direct purchase and online community function, to establish a micro business service system specifically for the Chinese market.

WeTrade Group looks forward to experiencing an opportunity for explosive growth and provides a better service for Chinese micro business and social e-commerce customers.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group Inc. provides technical services and solutions based on membership-based social e-commerce. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships, multi-channel App data statistics, etc., the Company developed a social e-commerce revenue management system, The main functions of the system are user marketing relationship implementation, CPS commission profit management, multi-channel app data statistics, etc. the system has been applied in the retail, tourism, hospitality and beauty industries, focusing on 100 million micro-business users in China. WeTrade conducts its business operations in mainland China and trial-operations in Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore etc.

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