WeTrade Group Inc. Announced Appointment of New Independent Directors

BEIJING, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- WeTrade Group Inc. ("WeTrade Group" or the "Company") (US: WETG), a company providing technical services and solutions to membership-based social e-commerce, today announced the appointment of Mr. Donghui Wang and Mr. Daxue Li as new independent directors on the board of directors of WeTrade Group. These changes have been effective since September 1, 2020. After the appointment, there are five independent directors of the company, the rest of the three are Mr. Yuxing Ye, Mr. Ning Qin and Mr. Huang Fai Choi. The independent director team is composed of TMT industrial expert, certified public accountant, lawyer and risk investment expert, featuring international vision and professionalization.

Mr. Donghui Wang, also known as Kevin Wang, is the founder and managing partner of Ameba Capital. Prior to the establishment of Ameba Capital, Kevin worked in Ernst & Young and PWC from 1997 to 2005 with progressive leadership roles and held a position as executive director and CFO of Kingsoft (HK3888) from 2005 to 2011. He won the honorary title of "2016 TOP30 Best Angel Investor in China" and "Best Young Investors in China's TMT Industry". For past three years, he successfully invested in several companies, including Mogu Inc, Didi Kuaidi, 2dfire, Weltmeister and Xinhe Media.

Mr. Daxue Li is the honorary lifetime technology advisor of JD.com. He also worked as Senior Vice President and CTO of JD.com. Under his leadership, the company optimized the website and improved user experience, becoming an industrial benchmark. He was also responsible for the enterprise informatization and the ERP implementation, to achieve all business online and to greatly increase the core competitiveness. Mr. Daxue Li was given the title of "2005 Domestic Model Worker", "2009 Best CIO in China", "2012 Zhongguancun Leading Talents" and "2014 Most Valuable CTO & Best Leading CTO".

Mr. Pijun Liu, the CEO of WeTrade Group, expressed welcome for the joining of two new independent directors. He said, "We are excited to have Mr. Donghui Wang and Mr. Daxue Li join WeTrade Group. They are visionary business leaders with a broad commercial, innovative and technological experience. Their appointment marks a milestone for WeTrade in pursuing our vision in building a benchmark for social e-commerce field."

Mr. Donghui Wang and Mr. Daxue Li conveyed the excitement to join the company. They look forward to striving to boost the development of the company and to experience the opportunity for explosive growth.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group Inc. provides technical services and solutions based on membership social e-commerce. Through big-data, social recommendation relationships, multi-channel APP data statistics, etc., the Company developed a social e-commerce revenue management system, The main functions of the system are user marketing relationship implementation, CPS commission profit management, multi-channel APP data statistics, etc. the system has been applied in the retail, tourism, hospitality and beauty industries, focusing on 100 million micro-business users in China. WeTrade conducts its business operations in mainland China and trial-operations in Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore etc.

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